What is the Importance of a Background Check?


Background checks are very important in a recruitment process. This is one way to ensure the safety and security of a business and employees within the company. In this article you will know more about the importance and benefits of going through a background check.


Background checks are often requested by employers for employment screening, especially on candidates seeking a position that requires high security or a position of trust, such school, courthouse, hospital, financial institution, airport, and government. These checks are traditionally administered by a government agency for a nominal fee but can also be administered by private companies. Background checks can be expensive depending on the information requested. Results of a background check typically include past employment verification, credit history and workers rights.


These checks are often used by employers as a means of analysing an applicant’s past mistakes, character, and fitness, and to identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons.


Checks are frequently conducted to confirm information found in an application or resume/curriculum vitae. One study showed that half of all reference checks done on prospective employees differ between what the job applicant provided and what the report shows from the background check results. They may also be conducted as a way to further differentiate potential employees and a way for the employer to choose who is best suitable for the position. Employers have an obligation to make sure their work environment is safe for all employees and helps prevent other employment problems in the workplace.


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Company security and your safety is the priority. Think smart and take action. The decision starts with you.