Predictive Psychometric Assessments Online

Express is a selection tool that identifies each candidate as a high, moderate, or low fit for a job. This report has the ability to select for any type of role, and is a simple off-the-shelf solution easy for anyone to use. Don’t see the job you need in one of our categories? Just ask. Hogan can map your organization’s competencies to our tools to generate your report. Express includes the candidate’s general employability, job fit, strengths and weaknesses, and interview style arming the recruiter or hiring manager with key information for a selection decision, or efficient data-driven interview.

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Grounded in decades of scientific research, Hogan’s assessment solutions help you dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity by hiring the right people, developing key talent, and evaluating leadership potential.

Our Predictive Psychometric Assessment Solutions


Designed specifically to function as a pre-hire selection tool, Advantage accurately and efficiently predicts a candidate’s on-the-job performance.


$35.00 excl GST

Safe Systems

SafeSystem uses personality assessment to evaluate workers along six safety-related competencies. Using SafeSystem, you can identify safety-minded candidates, focus and improve training, and recognize and repair safety-related gaps in your organizational culture.


$80.00 excl GST


The Express Report identifies the candidate’s strengths, areas of concern, and interview style based on seven dimensions that influence occupational success within seven job categories: Managers & Executives, Professionals, Technicians & Specialists, Operations & Trades, Sales & Customer Support, Administrative & Clerical, and Service & Support.


$115.00 excl GST

Leader Basis

Out-of-the-box solution that identifies a candidate’s strengths and potential areas of weakness for leadership roles.


$455.00 excl GST