About Allied Risk Solutions

Allied Risk Solutions partners with Risk Solutions Australia Pty Ltd (RSA) an accredited agency to deliver its services.

Risk Solutions Australia provides the tools you need to complete background checks and assess the suitability of people applying for employment, Australian citizenship, appointment to positions of trust, volunteer service, or for various licensing or registration schemes.

Allied Risk Solutions is a simple, convenient and straight forward way for businesses to complete background checks quickly and easily.

The requirement for up-to-date background checks is now mandated by legislation across a wide range of industries; and used regularly by employers and industry peak bodies as a requirement for employment.

Allied Risk Solutions is an innovative online application that enables the lodgement of background checks in a quick, simple and straight forward way with most responses processed same day.

The Allied Risk Solutions process is a simple, user friendly and backed by cutting edge security.


∙  Most background checks are processed within the same day.

∙  The online background check application form is simple and easy to follow – it takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

∙  Allied and our partners are highly secure and trusted – providing the highest level of data encryption and back-up processes.

∙  Allied Risk Solutions partners with Risk Solutions Australia Pty Ltd.