Allied Background Checks is committed to:

∙  Recognising the right of our customers and other interested parties to raise a concern.

∙  Resolving any issues or problems customers, or others, may have with our products or services in an effective, respectful and professional manner; and

∙  The continual improvement of the quality of our products and services.


°  Providing adequate resources, including appropriately trained, qualified and supervised personnel, to efficiently and effectively manage customer complaints through documented systems and work procedures;

°  Providing an easily accessible complaints process to our customers in which our Customer Service Consultants (‘Consultants”) display respect and empathy;

°  Responding quickly to all complaints in a professional, courteous and fair manner, and aiming to resolve all concerns at the customer’s initial contact.

°  Keeping customers informed on the progress of their complaint either by telephone or in writing until it is resolved;

°  Advising customers of their right to escalate complaints to a higher staff within Allied Background Checks or to the Ombudsman or other appropriate organisation (if the issue is still not resolved), and by providing all relevant contact details when requested;

° Respecting a customer’s privacy, and the need to keep personal information confidential in accordance with our privacy policy;

°  Recording, monitoring and reviewing complaints in order to identify any trends, and taking appropriate steps to rectify potential problems;

°  Reviewing our complaints handling process regularly to ensure our systems meet customers’ needs; and

°  Being accountable for effective complaint handling and taking steps necessary to ensure continual business improvement.

Complaints Procedure

Where a disagreement arises between Allied Background Checks and a Customer, the procedure outlined below shall apply. The steps involved in the procedure are as follows:

1. Complaint Submission

A customer should raise their concern:

1.1.  by telephone via the Allied Background Checks Customer Contact Centre on (02) 9635 0477; or

1.2.  in writing addressed to:

a.  Attention: The Privacy Officer

     Allied Background Checks

     PO Box 915

     Parramatta NSW 2124

b.  Facsimile: (02) 96350064

c.  Email:

Complaints should outline the nature, timing, perceived cause of their complaint and expected resolution to satisfy the complaint.

2. Complaint Acknowledgement

2.1   All complaints will be acknowledged within 7 calendar days upon submission.  Allied Background Checks aims to resolve all written complaints as promptly as possible.

2.2  All received complaints will be recorded in the company’s complaints register, logging the nature of the complaint, customer feedback and resolution. This data is regularly reviewed by appropriate personnel to identify trends and to highlight areas for improvement with our products and services.

3. Complaint Assessment

The Consultant will assess the complaint and, based on its complexity, provide the customer with an expected timeframe for resolution within 21 calendar days of submission.

4.  Complaint resolution

4.1  All efforts will be made to advise the customer of the outcome as soon as possible within 42 calendar days of submission.

4.2  If a complaint remains unresolved on the first contact (whether by phone or in writing), or outside the defined timeframes, customers may request that the matter be escalated for review by Management/Senior Staff.

Allied Background Checks endeavour to resolve any complaint directly but if the complaint continues to remain unresolved, the customer has the right to engage an external dispute resolution party via one of the contact channels detailed below:

Office of Australian Information Commissioner

Phone: 1300 363 992




∙  Allied Background Checks is committed to comply with the laws that protect your personal information.

∙ During any complaint procedure, we will keep your personal information confidential and will not disclose to third parties except if permitted or required under the Privacy Act.

∙  Allied Background Checks will always maintain the confidentiality of your personal information.

∙  A copy of Allied Background Checks Privacy Policy is available on our website. or through personal request.