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Check Types

Licence, Identity and Background Checks

Reduce risk during the hiring process by completing a quick and easy online background check on your candidate.

Verify the identity of a candidate. Confirm their driving licence details and driving history. Establish if if a candidate is a resident or citizen of a particular country. Validate a candidate’s qualifications, employment history and more.

VEVO Checks

A VEVO Check (Visa Electronic Verification Online) will provide you with comfort that your current or future employees have the necessary entitlement to work in Australia. The VEVO check will confirm if the individual has unlimited, limited or no work entitlements and will confirm the following details:

  • How many times they are allowed to enter and leave Australia
  • Where they have a permanent or temporary Visa
  • If there are any restrictions or limitations imposed on the Visa
  • How many hours they are allowed to work in a period
  • The Visa expiry date.

Credit Reports

A Consumer Credit report will provide you with detailed information about the consumers credit history and will contain information such as:

  • Credit applications
  • Credit Liabilities (existing Loan Products)
  • Repayment history
  • Defaults or other credit infringements
  • Debt agreements, Bankruptcies, court judgements or personal insolvency agreements

Australian Bankruptcy Checks

Academic Qualification Verification

Employment History Checks

Identification Verification

International Police Checks

Global Sanctions and Watchlists

Financial Regulatory Checks

New Zealand Ministry of Justice Checks

Driver/Licence Checks
– NZ & AU (Excluding NSW)

Prepackaged Solutions For…

Personal background checks

Employer Checks

Staffing company background checks

Staffing Companies

Hospital and Healthcare background checks

Hospitals and Healthcare

Volunteer background checks

Volunteer Organisations

Contractor and Vendor Screening

Contractor and Vendor Screening

Church and religious group background screening

Church and Religious Organisations